Is your team operating at its full potential?

Are you?

Have you identified your own strengths, and those of your employees or volunteers, so that you can maximize your collective impact?

Whether you are at the helm of a ministry or a business, or are re-entering the workforce after time away, you can achieve your goals faster with Advance Leadership Coaching.

Advance Leadership specializes in developing effective leaders and cohesive teams through our proprietary E3 method.

We Evaluate your unique strengths, Equip you with the right skills and tools to succeed, and Encourage you through an ongoing coaching relationship, so that you can inspire your team to excellence and make a tangible difference in your community, your city and the world.

With more than 25 years of combined leadership and coaching experience, we have seen innumerable clients advance their careers through the tested and proven E3 method, which empowers individuals and teams to reach their highest potential. Call today to learn how we can help you ADVANCE to inspired, transformative leadership.


E3 = Empowerment for individuals and teams

E3 is an unbreakable bond, a powerful cord of three strands. It is a method that we have developed over years of shepherding clients to successful leadership in ministry and business. In each session, and over the course of the entire coaching relationship, we identify your strengths, develop concrete skills, and offer encouragement, advice and support.

Imagine that you are a novice climber or team preparing to ascend a formidable peak. We are your experienced sherpas, and E3 is your rope, which you depend on to bear you safely to the pinnacle. Before we begin the climb, we evaluate your health, strengths and weaknesses. Along the way, we continually evaluate your progress and equip you with each of the tools you need to prepare for the final ascent. By the time you reach the base of the pinnacle, you are fully prepared, and your ascent to the top is smooth and successful.

E3 = Proven advancement

Our proven E3 method can help you and your team reach your full leadership potential.


We conduct a detailed, scientific assessment using time-tested tools like Clifton Strengths Finder to help you fully understand your own areas of strength, weakness, blind spots and untapped potential.


We help you develop tangible skills, tailored to your individual leadership style and strengths profile, that you can apply every day to become a more effective leader and motivator of your team.  


We provide ongoing support and coaching to help you overcome specific obstacles on the path to becoming an inspiring, transformative leader.

Read more about how E3 leadership coaching works for individuals and teams, ministries and businesses, then contact us today to schedule your complimentary, 30 minute inquiry call.